Candy Pop Ferrero & Marshmallow (Completed)

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  • 9" candy pops


  • Designed straws (customizable) 
  • Mikie's Sweet Marshmallow Candies (customizable colors) 
  • Tags (colors customizable)
  • Stickers (customizable)
  • Clear bags
  • Italian Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • 5/8" Corsage Ribbons (customizable colors)
  • Ivory Pearl

Shipping and Processing:

  • Pre-made favors are made with love. It takes about 7-10 days to complete and be shipped. 

You will get these Ferrero Rocher chocolate candies with sweet marshmallow bite site candy pop completed to your liking. The chocolate candies and marshmallow aren't glued and attached to each other. They will come apart easily, and are quiet edible for your guests. We can customized the colors of the marshmallow candies, the straws, and most of the items as stated above.

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