3.2 ft x 9.8 ft Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains for Party Photo Backdrop (1 pc)

Metallic Foil Backdrops are perfect background for your party event.  Use them to cover unwanted parts in your party event; giving your guests and you a excellent spot to take pictures in. Furthermore, they can be use to decorate dessert tables, wall, fences to get your desire look for your weddings, graduations, kids birthday parties, quinceanera, baby shower, college sorority, fraternity parties.


  • 3.2 ft Wide by 9.8 Ft Long


  • Mylar 


  • 1 piece 


  • Gold 
  • Silver


  • Suitable for hanging on a door, need 2 or more to coverage a wall fully. 
  • You may layer them to get a longer coverage. 
  • There is double-sided adhesive with the foil fringe curtains,you can use it stick to the wall. 
  • You may use these to take photos with flash also. 

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