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20 Count 12" Rose Gold Confetti Balloons Party Decorations

20 Count 12" Rose Gold Confetti Balloons Party Decorations

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Do you want to give a glamorous birthday party to your loved one? Or a beautiful surprise? Our balloons will bring to your decoration a sparkly moment.  They are perfect for bachelorette, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, graduation and adult party celebrations at your homes or at your offices.


  •  You will have a pack with 20 pieces of balloons. The balloon inflates up to 12 inches in size, when uninflated the size reduces to 4.9 inches.  They are pre-filled with a rose gold foils confetti handmade. . Our confetti balloons perfectly matched any party theme, occasion and the room design.

  •  PREMIUM MATERIALS: Our balloons are made of premium durable latex, eco-friendly and handmade foil confetti.  Our balloons also support helium.  They are designed for kids to easy blow it up and play with them and reuse.

  •  HOW TO USE YOUR CONFETTI BALLOONS: When your balloon is inflated, shook it around and rub it on the carpet (friction makes it produce static electricity) and it turned out just like the picture; with the confetti sticking all around the interior surface. You can use the balloons for party supplies or any fiesta.

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