2" glass bottle w/ candies

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  • Small Cork bottles: 2" height, 1 3/4" diameter
  • Tags: 1.75" diameter
  • Stickers: 1 1/8" diameter


    • Cork bottle small
    • Raffia Ribbon
    • Pearls
    • Ferrero Rocher chocolate candies
    • Tags, stickers are attached a paper tag. (customizable colors) 
    • Stickers 
    • Mikie's marshmallow candies

    Shipping and Processing:

    • Pre-made favors are made with love. It takes about 7-10 days to complete and be shipped. 


    These are 2" height glass bottles that are stuffed with the signature Ferrero Rocher candies and Mikie's Craft's marshmallow candies that taste amazing. You may request to change the ribbon color of your choice and many other of materials used in this cork bottle. Please refer to the materials section at the bottom to see which may be change.

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