Trapezoid Plastic Candy Containers Two Sizes (12 pieces/18 pieces)

These are small containers use by friends, family members and guests to grab candy, popcorn, chocolate and many other small treats. Leave them on the candy/dessert table and surely, they will go missing by the end of the day. They are plastic, so you don't have to worry about any one breaking anything. Suitable for everyone.

We were able to store about 15-20 pieces of Mikie's marshmallow candies in these. Small candy treats like M&M can fit about 25-35 pieces.


  • Large: 2 1/2" Length x 1 1/2" Width x 2" Height
  • Small: 1 7/8" Length x 1 7/8"  Width x 1 1/8" Height 


  • Plastic
  • Candies are sold separately


  • Large: 12 pieces
  • Small: 18 pieces 

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