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January 04, 2017

Mustache Baby Shower Candy Pop in the bucket and plate. What is small and soft in the inside and wrapped around a straw? Our cute little mustache candy pop! In this blog, we are going to teach you guys how to craft this.  And it doesn't require a lot of materials to make it. Most of the materials can be found at your home or at our shop for as little as nothing, and it takes about 4 minutes to make each one.



Here is what it's going to cost to make one of these little guys. Clear Bags: .08/each Marshmallow Candies: 0.17/each Stickers: 0.12/each Straws: 0.10/each Diecut Tags: 0.125/each Hair Tie: 0.01/each Polk-dot tie bow: 0.20/each Mustache: 0.16/each Total: $1.00/each well technically it was 0.965. But, I just round it off. So now that we got the cost out of the way.


What would you need for the mustache baby shower candy pop?

Mustache Baby Shower candy pop

The beginning of a wonderful treat!

Making of this treat was for demo purposes, so I didn't use any gloves. :)
  1. Add marshmallow candies, mints, almonds, or chocolate candies inside your clear bags. (The type of candy you add is really up to you. We used Mikies marshmallow candies)
Clear Bags add Marshmallow Candy 2. Insert a paper straw inside the plastic clear bags with the marshmallow candies inside. Insert Straw in Mustache Candy Pop 3. Pinch the top of the clear plastic bag and twist it in either direction like shown in the picture. Twist clear mustache candy pop bag 4. Run a hair-tie over the middle of the clear plastic bag of the marshmallow candy pop. Once it is clamped on the opening of the clear plastic bag, twist the hair tie and overlap it a couple of time to make it tighter. (Shown in the picture) Add hair tie to the mustache candy pop bag  tying hair tie to the mustache candy pop bag Finish tying Add hair tie to the mustache candy pop bag 5. Place a "Oh Boy!!" mustache sticker on the brown circle die-cut. Add oh boy sticker to brown diecut tag. 6. Cut a piece of thin 1/16" ribbon and glue it on the back of the "Oh Boy!!" sticker die-cut that you have just made. (Make sure that you glue the ribbon on the top of die-cut. Flip the die-cut around just to make sure that it is the top) Cut ribbon 1/2" Glue back of diecut tag Add ribbon to diecut tag 7. Glue the region directly below the hair tie. (shown in the picture), and attach the Oh Boy!! sticker die-cut to the candy pop. Add glue to bottom of the marshmallow candy pop clear bag. Attached the oh boy tags to the marshmallow candy pop. 8. Attach the polka-dot bow tie to the marshmallow candy pop. Afterwards, attach the paper mustache die-cutto the candy pop with glue. Add glue to the polka-dot tie bow Attached the mustache to the Mustache baby shower candy pop Finished product of the Mustache baby shower candy pop


There a lot of choices for favors out there for your baby shower: nail polishes, brewing teas, cake pop, wrapped popcorn...etc. Those are all good ideas; however, from all the baby showers I had attended I haven't seen any one create these yet (excluding cake pop). There are not too hard to make, and I had a lot of fun finding the materials to make these. Because initially, when my mom made these she used ribbon to tied them to the neck of the mustache baby shower candy pops. I thought that would be kind of silly because people are going to have a really hard time taking them apart to eat. I needed something a small and elastic like a rubber band. I ran to Dollar tree and found some hair ties there. It kept the marshmallow candies in the bag, and it allowed for any one to take them apart with ease. What do you think about this DIY? Was it simple and easy to follow?

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