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November 30, 2016

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece Bucket

Hey everyone, it's Mike from Americasfavors. Welcome to our blog. We will be showing you how to make this cute Minnie Mouse centerpiece here. But first, here a little something on why we tried. Recently, my friend wanted to have a birthday party for her daughter Chloe. She wanted to have a Minnie Mouse theme party, so she asked me for advice on centerpieces that she can do. She wanted something simple, easy, fast and affordable for 6 tables. hmm, doesn't that sounds like everything else we want in life.... So, my girlfriend Adrianne and I suggested a Minnie Mouse centerpiece bucket. They are not that hard to do and takes about 15 minutes to complete each one. The supplies aren't that expensive. Best of all, they look amazing.


What you need forthe Minnie Mouse centerpiece bucket

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece Bucket Materials

Let's Craft!

  1. Painting the 5" Foam Numbers 

First of all, start out with spray painting the 5" foam number since it would take approximately 10 minutes for it to dry (sometimes it will dry instantly). This was for table numbers. But this can also be used as a birthday decor. (ie. if she is turning 3, you just use number 3s for everything.) Tip: Spray paint it over a cardboard box or newspaper so the paint won't get everywhere. When using spray paint on the foam, don't spray too close. Try to keep a nice distance, or you may end up melting the foam. (Please use foam safe spray)

Fuchsia Spray number 1

2. Making the Minnie Mouse Picket (stick).

Turn the Minnie Mouse around having the back side facing you. Using a hot glue gun, apply a layer of glue straight down the middle as shown in the picture.
Glue Minnie diecuts

3. Attach the 9" wooden sticks to the glued diecut.

Glue wooden stick on diecut

4. Glue the second piece of diecut.

Attach the Minnie mouse back piece to cover the back of the Minnie diecut for a cleaner look.
minnie mouse back glued
attached back on minnie mouse diecut

5. Attach the stick to the foam number

Using the stick, nudge a little hole on the bottom of the foam number.  Pull out the stick and apply glue to it then finish drilling your way in slowly. Tip: Careful not to drill too hard or fast inside the foam as it can crack.
Glue stick and attached to foam

6. Create the Pom Pom

(Please excuse the ugliness of the cardboard) This is a cost efficient way of making a pom pom; Cut out a piece of cardboard like the one shown in the picture. You may also purchase one from target. Cut out 1 1/2 yards of each 6" glitter tulle (Black & Fuchsia)
This is what you need for this part
Tulle Pom Pom Essential

7.  Layer the 6" glitter tulle on top of each other.

Insert your pom pom maker in middle like shown in the picture. And fold towards the end.
Rolling Pom Pom
Rolling more and more Pom Pom

8. Take out the Pom Pom Maker

When you get to the end, reach in the middle and take out the cardboard.
Take out pom pom maker

9. Tying the ribbon over the pom pom.

Cut a ribbon about 8" and tie it like you would with a shoe. And trim off the excess ribbon with a scissor.
Tying Pom Pom

10. Opening the Pom Pom

On the top and bottom of the pom pom you made. Cut thru the middle to open up the pom pom.
Trimming Pom Pom

11. Spread the pom pom 

Spreading Tulle

12. Glue the middle of the pom pom and attach the wooden stick to it.

Glue Pom Pom Tulle Pom Pom Stick Our pompoms didn't look that great here. Checkout the Youtube Tutorial on Pompoms if you still unclear on how to make your own.


13. And lastly toss in the shredded paper into the bucket.

Style it by spreading the shredded paper so it looks more full. Adding Shred PaperTip: We used about a two hand full shred to complete ours. Feel free to use as little or more in yours.



You just completed your first Minnie Mouse centerpiece bucket. Pretty simple right? It may take a bit longer the first time you try it, but once you get the hang of it. You should be able to get through 6, 12 or even 100 if you're brave enough in about 8-15 minutes each. In conclusion, don't worry too much if the Minnie Mouse centerpiece don't look that good yet. The first one you'll make probably won't look that great, but the others that you make will. For the bad ones, just put them on the tables for people that you don't like the least. I'm kidding. What did you think of the Minnie Mouse centerpiece bucket project? In addition, is there some type of DIY project that you'd like to see here? Let us know on the comments below!

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